A Path to the Enlightened Education.

Message from the Founder / Chairman

Nepal, as the birthland of Lord Buddha, holds a special significance for foreign visitors. They feel a sense of reverence when they arrive here and hope to deepen their understanding of Buddhism, including the unique practice of Newar Buddhism in Nepal.

In 1997, when the Nepal Buddhist Council was established, there were no suitable educational institutions in this Buddhist land to teach Buddhism. In contrast, many other countries around the world, such as Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, and others, have numerous schools, colleges, and universities dedicated to spreading Buddhist knowledge in various ways.

It’s ironic that while countries far away show great interest in Buddhism and establish educational institutions to share its teachings on a large scale, there were no such institutions in Nepal, a land so closely associated with Buddhism. Recognizing this gap, the Nepal Buddhist Council took the initiative to offer a Foundation Course on Buddhism starting in 2002. This course covered teachings from Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditions.

We are proud to say that these classes have been highly successful, completing twelve batches by 2013. Over 300 participants have successfully completed the course.

The Nepal Buddhist Council has organized symposiums, talks, seminars, and published various informative publications like ‘Buddhayāna,’ ‘Sugata Sandesh,’ and ‘Sugata Bauddha Darpan’ with scholarly articles on Buddhism, which have gained popularity among readers.

I am pleased to mention that Sugata Buddhist College, established by the Nepal Buddhist Council, has now completed a decade of operation. It has consistently offered the Master’s Program in Mahayana Buddhism. The college has gained recognition for providing quality education, and we take pride in quenching our students’ thirst for knowledge with a steady stream of wisdom.

“When educating the MINDS of our youth, we must not forget to educate their HEARTS” ~ Dalai Lama

Why Sugata Buddhist College?

  • Sugata is an academic institute with a decade of experience in delivering a high-quality education in the sector. This college is specialization in Mahayana Buddhism is the only institute in Nepal for the sector.
  • The college is operating in Rajshree Mahabihar in Tangal, Patan. The Mahabihar were been build by Malla Period for the buddhist studies and following the same concept, the college has been using the premise of Rajshree Mahabihar.

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