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Mr. Milan Shakya

Mr. Milan Shakya, a prominent figure in the world of Buddhism who requires no introduction. With an extensive understanding of Buddhism, he holds a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from Tribhuvan University.

Mr. Shakya, is a very important part of Sugata Buddhist College. He’s not just a faculty member of the college; he also helps to make the college a wonderful place to learn about Buddhism. His hard work helps students understand Buddhism better and learn its important lessons. With his help, Sugata Buddhist College is becoming an even more special place to study Mahayana Buddhism and learn all about its important ideas.

Mr. Shakya’s expertise goes beyond academics. He’s an editor of various books on Buddhism and has authored over 30 research oriented article on the subject. With a passion for sharing knowledge, he has translated and co-translated more than 50 Buddhism-related books. He is a Director of Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies (Pvt.) Ltd (NIBS). He’s now playing a crucial role as the Chief Input Coordinator in the Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon project, a collaboration between the Nagarjuna Institute in Nepal and the University of the West, USA. Additionally, he holds the position of Chief Coordinator and Manager for the Rare Nepalese Sanskrit Buddhist Text Scanning Project, showcasing his commitment to preserving Buddhist heritage. Furthermore, he is a senior field manager Rare Buddhist Manuscript scanning and transcribing Project, run in collobaration between NIBS and Asian Legacy Library (ALL) based in Sedona, USA.

His journey in Buddhism includes a year of Buddhist Monastic Training at Fo Kuang Shan (from October 1995 to September 1996). He received education and training in Buddhism from his father, Late Min Bahadur Shakya (Highly distinguished personality in the realm of Buddhism.), since 1996. Mr. Milan Shakya’s dedication to meditation is evident through his experiences with respected figures like Ven. Guru Tsoknyi Rinpoche (Nyingma guru) and Ven. Guru Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche (Kagyu and Nyingma Guru), who have guided his meditation practices. Further teachings and meditation guidance came from Ven. Guru Thrangu Rinpoche (Kagyu Guru) and Ven. Guru Khangser Tulku Rinpoche (Gelug Guru).

Mr. Shakya is also involved in evaluating theses as External Evaluator and Supervisor, reflecting his commitment to nurturing future scholars in the field of Buddhism. His profound impact as a scholar, writer, translator, and practitioner continues to shape the world of Buddhist studies.

His association with Sugata Buddhist College is a matter of great pride for the institution.

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