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Mr. Sanjay Shakya

Mr. Sanjaya Shakya is a highly esteemed and dynamic scholar in the field of Buddhism. He has been actively involved with Sugata Buddhist College as a faculty member since its inception, and his passion lies in providing quality education in the Buddhism sector, which has led him to collaborate with various other Buddhist Colleges.

Currently a PhD candidate, Mr. Shakya is dedicatedly pursuing his research to obtain his doctoral degree. His outstanding achievements have been recognized with prestigious national-level awards, medals, and scholarships. Notably, he was honored with the Nepal Vidya Bhusan – Kha” by the Rt. Honorable President of Nepal, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, and “the Bedjwala Gold Medal” by the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai. Additionally, he received a scholarship from the Nepal Gomba Development Committee, an institute under the Government of Nepal, in recognition of his successful completion of his M.A. dissertation.

Furthermore, Mr. Shakya has actively participated in various paper presentations, and his scholarly work has been featured in numerous reputable books and publications. His association with Sugata Buddhist College is a matter of great pride for the institution.

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