A Path to the Enlightened Education.


Sugata Buddhist College stands as the sole institution in Nepal offering a Master’s Degree education specializing in Mahāyāna Buddhism. The establishment of this college aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of the history, culture, and philosophy of Mahāyāna Buddhism, a practice embraced by the Newar Community in Nepal. The rich array of sculptures, temples, and stupas in the Kathmandu valley predominantly adhere to the principles of Mahāyāna Buddhism, underscoring the necessity of grasping the philosophical underpinnings of this deeply rooted culture that has persisted for countless centuries.

Reasons to Contribute to Sugata Buddhist College

Sugata Buddhist college has been running for the education in Master’s Degree in Arts (Mahāyāna Buddhism) since 2012. Ever since its establishment the college has been devoted towards the students joined for their academic progress and for the wellbeing of the society by producing the citizens to follows Buddhism. Which is important to the society as Buddhism teaches the society to live with integrity, happiness and satisfaction.

Having said all these, the college is lacking with its finance and the infrastructure. The college has been running with the very nominal price from its students and majority of the operations cost are covered by such donations received. The lack of resources for the college has been its major challenge.

By providing such support, you are helping country to produce genuine, honest and peaceful society.

How can you support?

  • By making a financial contribution to our bank account, along with your detailed information for transparency.
  • Visiting Sugata Buddhist College to evaluate its needs firsthand and providing assistance accordingly.
  • Offering physical space to facilitate college classes, thus directly contributing to the educational environment.

Your involvement can significantly impact the journey of our college toward fostering a more enlightened and serene society.

“When educating the MINDS of our youth, we must not forget to educate their HEARTS” ~ Dalai Lama

Why Sugata Buddhist College?

  • Sugata is an academic institute with a decade of experience in delivering a high-quality education in the sector. This college is specialization in Mahayana Buddhism is the only institute in Nepal for the sector.
  • The college is operating in Rajshree Mahabihar in Tangal, Patan. The Mahabihar were been build by Malla Period for the buddhist studies and following the same concept, the college has been using the premise of Rajshree Mahabihar.

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