A Path to the Enlightened Education.


The main aims and objectives of the college are to:

  • Disseminate diverse aspects of Buddhism in pristine purity.
  • Help to develop Nepalese society in a Buddhist model.
  • Contribute to enhance Buddhist values at home and abroad.
  • Prevent Buddhism from undue syncretism and enervation.
  • Introduce the method and enhance skill in academic research.
  • Develop the ability to undertake independent research project in the field of Buddhism and its religion.

“When educating the MINDS of our youth, we must not forget to educate their HEARTS” ~ Dalai Lama

Why Sugata Buddhist College?

  • Sugata is an academic institute with a decade of experience in delivering a high-quality education in the sector. This college is specialization in Mahayana Buddhism is the only institute in Nepal for the sector.
  • The college is operating in Rajshree Mahabihar in Tangal, Patan. The Mahabihar were been build by Malla Period for the buddhist studies and following the same concept, the college has been using the premise of Rajshree Mahabihar.

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