A Path to the Enlightened Education.

Why Sugata Buddhist College?

  • Sugata Buddhist College has been teaching for ten years and offers excellent education. It specializes in Mahayana Buddhism and is the only college in Nepal that focuses on this subject.
  • The college is operating in Rajshree Mahabihar in Tangal, Patan. The Mahabihar were been build by Malla Period for the buddhist studies and following the same concept, the college has been using the premise of Rajshree Mahabihar.
  • Our team consists of highly experienced and forward-thinking instructors who have been teaching and researching for many years. We are dedicated to creating a supportive environment for our students, helping them reach their full potential and become experts in their field.
  • The college has well–stocked library with the valuable books and reference materials. We are also running semi-virtual classes after the covid-19 situation which affected globally.
  • The College organizes field trips and excursions throughout the academic year depending on the subjects of study.
  • We invite various scholars in the sector to share their varied experience and knowledge to inspire the students, so that they can gather more knowledge from these special classes.

“When educating the MINDS of our youth, we must not forget to educate their HEARTS” ~ Dalai Lama

Student Testimonial