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Mr. Shanta S R Bajracharya

Mr. Shanta Shree Ratna Bajracharya is part of faculty member at Sugata Buddhist College. His role extends beyond teaching, as he also contributes significantly as a member of the Subject Committee overseeing the Master’s Level Mahayana Buddhism Program at Lumbini Buddhist University. A multifaceted scholar, Mr. Bajracharya has ventured into both published work and research, leaving an indelible mark on the field of Mahayana Buddhism.

Demonstrating his dedication to both scholarship and dissemination of knowledge, Mr. Bajracharya authored a significant ritual text titled “Pooja Vidhi Samgrah” offering profound insights into the realm of Mahayana Buddhism. In addition to his literary contributions, Mr. Bajracharya embarked on an enlightening journey of research, leading to his noteworthy endeavor, “A Study on Vajradhatu Mandala of Buddhism in Nepal Mandala.” With over 25 research articles published in various journals, his dedication to Buddhist studies shines brightly.

Sugata Buddhist College is very proud to have Mr. Bajracharya as part of the team. He makes the college even better because of his knowledge and hard work.

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