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Dr. Nabin Bajracharya

Dr. Nabin Bajracharya is an esteemed faculty member of the Sugata Buddhist College. With a strong foundation in academic excellence and spiritual leadership, Dr. Bajracharya brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to our institution.

Dr. Bajracharya’s academic journey is marked by his completion of a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from Uiduk University, followed by the prestigious attainment of a Doctorate degree (Ph.D) in the same field from the same institution. His dedication to education is truly commendable.

Outside of his academic work, Dr. Bajracharya has played pivotal roles in various organizations. He served as the Main Priest of the JGO Nepal Buddhist Association in South Korea from 2007 to 2014, contributing significantly to its growth and development. His leadership acumen also shines through his three-term presidency at Newa Pucha South Korea, continuing until 2014. His advisory role with NRN South Korea for two years showcased his commitment to community engagement, further highlighting his holistic approach to life.

Dr. Bajracharya’s achievements have been recognized through numerous awards, including the “Buddhist Scholar Pt. Badri Ratna Buddhist Study and Research Scholarship” for two years, the “Jingak Buddhist Order Scholarship” for his studies in South Korea, the “Pohang Rotary 3630 International Scholarship“, the “Jingak Buddhist Order Supreme Patriarch Award” for his outstanding undergraduate performance, and an award bestowed by “Antarastriya Dharmacharya” from the Jingak Buddhist Order.

Dr. Bajracharya’s journey through different jobs shows his wide range of skills. He did great work as a researcher at the Research Institute for International Buddhism in South Korea. He also showed how good he is at astrology by working at the Pragya Astrology Counselling Center. Plus, he guided people in meditation as a guru and was even the leader of the Pragya Meditation Center.

At Sugata Buddhist College, Dr. Bajracharya imparts his profound knowledge and insights as a dedicated faculty member. His presence enriches the educational experience for our students, fostering an environment of growth and enlightenment.

We are honored to have Dr. Nabin Bajracharya as an integral part of the Sugata Buddhist College community. His contributions elevate the standard of our institution, and his dedication to both education and spiritual guidance is truly inspiring.

“When educating the MINDS of our youth, we must not forget to educate their HEARTS” ~ Dalai Lama

Why Sugata Buddhist College?

  • Sugata is an academic institute with a decade of experience in delivering a high-quality education in the sector. This college is specialization in Mahayana Buddhism is the only institute in Nepal for the sector.
  • The college is operating in Rajshree Mahabihar in Tangal, Patan. The Mahabihar were been build by Malla Period for the buddhist studies and following the same concept, the college has been using the premise of Rajshree Mahabihar.

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